Career Options with SEO & PPC

Planning to commence a career in digital marketing is generally a decent move, SEO or PPC career is a part of the Digital Marketing field. A career in both this field is becoming popular in India. You will find that the need for SEO Professional or PPC Analyst is growing every day. Every business whether it is small or big business wants to promote its services on digital channels or investing in SEO or PPC to get top ranking on google. 

Before starting your Digital marketing course, you personally need to explore key factors regarding SEO future, career options for SEO and PPC, what are SEO and PPC specialists earn, etc. You need to decide yourself, both the field is lucrative in nature but requires constant learning, information, training to keep pace with the rapid changes. 

How SEO as emerged as a career?

In a wise language SEO is not just a job. SEO is an amalgamation of multiple skills that will use to get a website on the search engine. In the past, SEO was not so difficult webmasters or web developers used to optimize the site for search engines. They follow some easy techniques on the basis google used to rank the website. So after a period of time, Google started to improve an algorithm, So it gets troublesome for webmasters to get easily ranked on google.

Now website owners are looking for SEO professionals who can build their sites and their eagerness inspires them to constantly find new ways to drive traffic. SEO managers or specialists had remarkable intelligence and their capability to learn things on their own. 

Why should one consider a PPC career?

Pay Per Click is one of the major forms of digital marketing which has transformed the way digital marketing is done these days. It gives power to the marketer to target ads to the right audience at the right time, an advertiser pays a little amount every time the user clicks on ads. This is the most efficient way to drive more traffic. 

To be terse about the PPC career, PPC managers is generally someone who likes to play with numbers and has got the most heed of business owners to swiftly drive the targeted audience from their way of optimization capability. The person responsible for PPC ads or campaigns can bring a substantial difference to the business. Hence companies are looking out for those who must be able to communicate clearly and confidently with the clients, who are skilled and talented experts who can drive the most desirable traffic.

Digital marketing from a business perspective
There are 2 major parts broadly known as “paid promotion” and “free promotion” which involved in the process of digital marketing. PPC has a direct relation with paid promotion and SEO with the freeways promotion of online marketing. 

Paid Digital Marketing promotions need a good amount of budget. It mainly focuses on short term results that will be visible or shown on sections google or social channels. However, on the other side, Free Digital Marketing ways where no budget is needed and is done with the main objective to drive organic traffic and to get visibility in a local listing pack. It usually takes time to get results. 

Career option in digital marketing technologies:

Both SEO and PPC have emerged as a hot career opportunity and demand is growing due to an increase in digital awareness, growing online competition of businesses, increasing usage of internet and mobile users. 

While deciding as a student which job you have to choose in digital marketing. Well, it totally depends upon your subject understandings, and how comfy you are with subject modules and particularly where your interest lies. 

career option as SEM Professional:

Basically  you need to deal with everything which relates to online marketing paid campaigns. A PPC expert manages or controls the big budgets in Google Adwords, Facebook Ads. It also provides a rough guess on ROI, competitor budget, etc.

          Career pros:

  • As a marketing campaign involved a good amount of money and decisions are to made instantly.
  •  Big brands like Amazon, Flipkart etc spends a huge budget.    Sometimes there budget goes beyond more than a million.

Career cons:  

  • There are fewer jobs as compared to SEO and competitive market. 
  • The small company wants there PPC expert should at least manage 10 accounts. So the company can make some profit.
  • Clients want instant results and keep a close watch on each and every penny you spend on paid campaigns. 

Career options as an SEO Expert:

As an SEO expert, you would be involved in planning strategies. It focuses on On-Page and Off-Page optimization. It also involves content marketing and outreach for guest posting articles. 

Career pros:

  • Even big brands or businesses are utilizing SEO for online growth.
  • Funds keep coming as the monthly fees for each project are fixed. 
  • Project life is more as compared to SEM.
  • Even you stopped SEO work, the clients still get leads or conversion from past optimization. Hence the chance of clients coming back is high.

Career Cons:

  • You need to keep updated with the google algorithms.
  • Google does not provide any help in SEO. They never let you know why your rankings dropped.
  • As a marketing campaign involved a good amount of money and decisions are to made instantly 

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